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Casamento na Praia Ubatuba

About us

Helen Nogueira specializes in beach weddings, mini weddings and vow renewals. She has extensive experience as a wedding consultant and has a track record of more than 200 successful weddings.

Cafe de la musique, former beach mansion of the Matarazzo Family of Ubatuba, space located with a completely seafront angle and the most incredible view of the city.

Two powerhouses in the world of events joined forces to bring couples the best and most structured wedding space in Ubatuba.


Our mission is to make your dream of getting married on the beach come true, involving your entire family and guests in a unique, special and unforgettable experience.

Happy Customers

The perfect wedding must be in the hands of experienced suppliers with good references.

See the reviews that brides and grooms left us after putting their dreams in our hands! Thank you for the trust.

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Simple Wedding

What is simple for you?


The simple depends on the personality and essence of each couple, that's why we created am sandside ceremony package for up to 30 people that includes all the suppliers you need to make your dream of having your sandside ceremony come true!


This way, you hire a single company that is responsible for organizing everything for you, according to your style and simplicity.


It is your guarantee of security and peace of mind on your wedding day, knowing that everything will work as agreed in the contract.


Financial Planning for Wedding

Have you ever thought about how much a beach wedding costs? The total cost of the wedding largely depends on your choices, priorities and wedding style.

Our consultancy will help you better understand this whole issue of values. This way you will see whether or not a beach wedding fits into your budget.

Furthermore, our company has a supplier guide, with the best suppliers in the region! Do not miss this opportunity!

Past Weddings

We have had more than 200 successful weddings throughout our careers, from the simple to the most sophisticated. Your dream deserves a consolidated company and a reference in the wedding market in Ubatuba. We usually deliver a unique and unforgettable experience so that your big day is even more special than expected!


Exclusive Birde's Group

Join our WhatsApp group and find out about all the news, discounts and promotions from weddings and suppliers in Ubatuba.

A silent group, where the objective is to share all the most relevant information to make your wedding even more special!


Wedding Blog

Lots of tips to help brides from all over Brazil realize their dream of the perfect wedding. Follow our blog and stay up to date with the most current trends in the wedding sector!

Special items for a beach wedding! Suggestions and lots of ideas for you!

Free Brazilian Wedding Website

We have a gift for you! You just won a free wedding website!

Wedding list converted into cash, personalized domain, attendance confirmation and everything you need to detail your wedding and show a little more of your party to your guests!

In partnership with the website Lejour, create your wedding website now!

Não case antes de fazer esse teste matrimonial!

Você sabia que a maioria dos casamentos não duram mais do que 5 anos? Isso porque muitos casais resolvem se casar antes de entender a importância do casamento e a responsabilidade que ambos terão em construir uma nova família.

Elaboramos um teste mais algumas perguntas para noivos dialogarem antes do casamento. Não existe certo ou errado, mas sim entender se suas opiniões são compatíveis com as de seu/sua companheira/o.

Esse teste já salvou centenas de casamento e você só encontra aqui, em nosso site!

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