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Beach Wedding Ceremony

at Ubatuba-SP

Simple Wedding:
Elopement Wedding
and Micro Casamento

The trend towards intimate weddings is only increasing and  That's why we prepared a special package to meet this demand and make the beach wedding dream come true.

Elopement wedding, from the English, elope, means running away, when the bride and groom run away from everyone to get married in peace, lol. It's a "marriage for two" and the guarantee of a very exciting exchange of vows!

Photo of this package made on 10/29/2020

beach wedding package

See more photos from Jheine and Weskley's wedding held on 10/29/2020, on the organizer's Instagram, click to open: @casamentosubatuba.hellen

What is included in the Ubatuba Beach Wedding Package

A beachfront ceremony package includes all the suppliers you need to hold it. This way, you hire a single company that is responsible for organizing everything for you. It is your guarantee of security and peace of mind on your wedding day, knowing that everything will work as agreed in the contract.

This package includes:

Decorated pergola (altar) on the beach 

Altar decorated with natural seasonal flowers.

Most popular beaches: Itamambuca, Vermelha do Norte and Sununga (Crying Cave).

Hallway with mat and flower pots + foliage

6 Wooden benches courtesy for you to invite, if you wish, someone special, such as your parents, relatives, godparents to participate in this moment (up to 30 guests seated).

City hall license application included. Authorization from the city hall is mandatory to use the sand strip.

Bridal bouquet

with natural seasonal flowers according to the style and reference sent by the bride.

Professional Celebrant

Symbolic ceremony, with personalized and inspiring speech about the bride and groom's story and themes chosen by the couple. It has no religious connotation.

Photographic coverage of the ceremony

Edited photos, in high resolution only digital, delivered via email link.

Does not include pre-wedding, making of and photos at the reception and party.

Ubatuba Suppliers Guide

Complete guide with all additional information if you want to make this moment even more special.

We have partnerships with inns, houses on the sand, restaurants for a reception with lunch or dinner, breakfast, musicians, cake and sweets and special discounts.

Ceremonial (Ceremony Coordination)

Done by a trained and qualified assistant.

Organization of the procession, ceremony script and support for the bride and groom.

Does not include assistance in planning, reception and party.

Welcome Drinks

Table with mineral water and coconut water to refresh your guests while they wait for the ceremony to begin.

Agenda 2023: R$ 10,000.00

Agenda 2024: R$ 12,000.00

Payment by contract and a deposit of R$3,000.00 to reserve the date, the remainder paid in installments up to 20 days before the wedding.

The price of the package does not change depending on the number of guests,

2 to 30 people are allowed.


See full price description and how to reserve your date

You can also hire the space for your reception!

Additional to the package!


See more photos on Instagram of this package created for Karla and Leonel, a Civil Effect wedding, on 10/03/2021.See more photos here!


See more photos on Instagram of this package made for Thais and Diogenes, at Vermelha do Centro beach in Ubatuba-SP, on 08/01/2021. See photos on IG!


A non-binary, LGBTQI+ wedding ceremony, because we believe that love should be celebrated in all its forms! See more delus photos!


An emotional ceremony for everyone, at 6:00 am, in a beautiful sunrise on Vermelha do Norte beach in Ubatuba, on 11/14/2021. See more photos from this sunrise!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do after the ceremony?

We thought of this package to formalize the couple's union and make the wedding official in a more informal and light way, with a totally familiar concept.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom usually make a reservation a tour space (Cafe de la musique - click) to offer breakfast, lunch or dinner for the family.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

A beach wedding is a wedding concept completely linked to nature, and we have no control over this.

What we can do is check the weather forecast during the week of the wedding and in case of rain, rent a tent to set up on the beach, this investment costs on average R$1,500. See this post talking more about this subject, click!

How long does the ceremony last?

The celebrant's speech lasts around 20 minutes, the rest will depend on the profile of each couple, with the entry of the godparents, exchange of vows, rings, etc., the ceremony can last up to 40 minutes in total.

What is not included in the package?

The package is entirely focused on the beach ceremony, does not include any type of food and drinks for the reception, accommodation, reception location (hired separately), makeup and wedding dress, groom's attire, video coverage, musicians and sound equipment.

Can I hire additional suppliers for the package? For example: video, musicians, makeup artist, cake table, etc?

Yes! Our supplier guide has all the additional information you need if you want to make your wedding even more special.

We don't have exclusivity with suppliers, so you can hire whoever you want and like.

What is the best time for the ceremony?

The ceremony time is defined by the couple, between:


Sunrise: we started the ceremony at 6am, as this is the peak of the sun rising and the light looks great in the photos. Some brides prefer not to get up early and do it a little later, so it is recommended until 8 am, where the flow of the beach is still very calm and the sunlight is not so high.

Sunset: withstart at 4pm, it's the best light at sunset and if there is any delay we don't run the risk of it being dark.

Do you have a package for more than 30 guests?

We do not have a ready-made package for more than 30 guests, as it is a different event concept, we prefer to work only with the rental of the space. Request a quote right now by clicking here!

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